Produts Advantages and Charasteristic


Futures Broker Representatives (FBR) – Special License from CoFTRA

The Company is supported by professional FBR through fit and proper test conducted by CoFTRA. FBR is always ready to serve and provide the guidance to the customer candidate or the clients.


Online Trading & Demo Account

The company provides a special portal to trade online. The facility is completed with a real time spread price, along with the chart display and properties, market information, etc. RFB provides Demo Account facility or Transaction Simulation with a purpose the customer candidate or clients to understand to our online trading system.


Segregated Account

Customer funds placed in a separate account (Segregated Account) on behalf PT. Rifan Financindo Berjangka approved by CoFTRA and separate from the company's assets.


Research & Development Department

Department that responsible for corporate development both internally and externally, as well as providing management information services, providing education and training about the futures industry, etc.


Daily Transaction Report

Every day the clients will get a report that contains record transactions made ​​by the customer, such as short messaging service (SMS), e-mail, facsimile or post. Although the clients can find records of their transactions directly through the online trading system.


Withdrawals are processed within one business day (T +1) if at any time customers want it. Client outside Indonesia will be process between 3-5 days.