Olein Futures Contract Specifications


Code Contracts


Basic Contract

Olein with quality standards Market

Contract Unit

20 tons (20,000 kg)

Contract Period

6 (six) months in a row, so that every day there is a six month contract trades

Day & Hours Trading

Every day trade

At 09:30 to 17:30 pm WIB


Post-Closing session held every trading day, starting at 17:45 am until 18:00 pm.

The mandate of the buy and sell put into JAFeTS was on that day settlement price.

Physical exchange with Futures

The parties who conduct transactions / Olein other PPO and CPO outside the stock exchange can register to Stock in exchange for futures transaction for both parties.

Last Trading Day

Trade for a Month Contract expires at the end of the session 15th for the month in question, if the 15th is not a trading day, then trading ended on the trading day thereafter.


Rupiah per kilogram (including VAT)

Minimum price change

Rp 5,-/kg (including VAT)

Rp 100.000,-/lot (including VAT)

Limit Price Change

Rp.150, - per kilogram above or below the previous trading day settlement price. Limit these price changes do not apply to the Current Month and Month What if the Moon Walk is no longer traded.

Final Settlement

DO submission Registered with the quality standards Market.

Notification Delivery Time

5 (five) last trading day. If the 15th was not a trading day, the trading day thereafter be the last day of Notification Delivery.

Notification Time Allocation

Before the first session of the first trading day after the day the notice submission

Time to Deliver

Before the first session of the second trading day after the handover notification


Standard MARKET

Free Fatty Acids (FFA) <0.15% AOCS Method Ca 5a-40

Moisture & Impurities <0.1% AOCS Method 2b Ca-38

AOCS Method Ca 3a-46

Iodine Value (WIJS)> 56 AOCS Method Cd 1d-92

Red color (Lovibond 5.25 inch) <4 Red AOCS Method Cc 13b-45

Slip Melt Point <24o C AOCS Method Cc 1-25

Cloud Point 10,75o

Delivery place

DO selection is at the Seller with a maximum limit of five (5) lots per publisher registered DO tanks per day delivery

Delivery Unit

20 tons with a tolerance of + 2%

Position Obligation Report

150 lot

Speculative Position limit

500 lot